About Us

About Us

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Forin Container Line Pvt. Ltd. is an international freight forwarding company administered by a team of professionals who are very much dedicated and sincerely acknowledging the demands of the customers, established in 2000 by the Skyways Group with the concept of providing our customers exclusive ocean freight cost-effective services which aims to maintain door to door connectivity to enhance every aspect of freight forwarding with a complete handling of your product from the origin to the final destination which stretches across the globe. Forin promotes International trade between the major economies and emerging markets across the globe. Our focus is to establish and maintain a longstanding partnership with customers.

Shipping Line

Forin is working with all the major shipping lines serving globally or sector wise. We have exclusive rate agreements with the shipping lines for all your FCL/LCL requirements. Our bucket of services caters to wide variety of customized options across global supply points.




We are electronically connected with authorized department for filling AMS, which is mandatory for all USA shipments.


All ISF filings are done by us electronically via vessel Automated Manifest System (AMS). 

VGM Reporting

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has mandate the declaration of the Verified Gross Mass (VGM)


 A mandatory requirement that every shipping line or its agent needs to file with the customs 24 hours before its ship.


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